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October 2016
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Below see some of our testimonials and comments from past and current clients and their amazing before and after photos of their progress. At AHF we like to focus on ‘The Process’ of losing weight and changing your body. Going from your Point A to Point B – is a journey and as trainers, it is our job to help you get there. But not being at Point A anymore is just as special, especially when the process can be you now doing chin-ups, or running for longer, or just being pain-free. However, it is always awesome to celebrate the successes and amazing transformations of our members. So this is our ‘gallery of super hot ninjas’ showing just how with a dedicated team, consistent effort and enjoying the process can really change your life.

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  • ``Love this group. The training is just what I love to do and always something different to mix it up a little. Kayleigh is awesome in her knowledge for everything from nutrition to all aspects of gym and training. I would recommend the groups to anyone who mentions they wanna enjoy train my and not just do the same boring programme everyday. O and everyone is mint. No big egos in the building everyone is there for their own reason but mainly to get fit and have a laugh on the process. Cheers Kayleigh and everyone who attends``
    James Johnson:
  • ``The biggest looser is the best program I’ve ever done. Results straight away, fitness levels shoot up, weight drops, confidence building. I love seeing the progress of everyone else too! It makes me so proud that we are all in this together! The support from Kayleigh and Robyn is second to none! Thank you so much!``
    Stacey Welburn:
  • ``I honestly believe if I hadn’t of came to AHF I would be in a deep dark hole, I have a focus every day with my steps and nutrition and it helps clear my head if only for a few hours and in the gym is where I can be entirely selfish and only think about me! Your support means the absolute world to me``
    Jo Mackey:
Gallery - Before & After

Check out our amazing before and after photos on the gallery below. These are our 6 and 12 week weight loss transformations.