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If you know your way around a gym already or just need that support to get you focused on a training plan and nutrition guidance, then the distant coaching is an option that is budget friendly and you still get access to the magic of Armstrong Health And Fitness. We have a variety of options available, if you can’t find a package right for you contact us.


Try us out with no commitment for 30 days. All of our sessions. At anytime. As many as you want. You will also get a free 30 min chat with our in-house nutritionist to go over your diet needs. £59 for 30 days.

Fitness Classes

If you are short on time and want to maximise your results then our 30 minute fitness classes will be perfect for you. We have designed 3 specific classes to give you optimal training in a short blast. All classes are £3 per 30 mins.

The Glute Lab

Lower body focused class.This class works on your bum and legs. Also known as the sleeping giants, your glutes are an important part of your body and lay the foundation for most exercises. Not only will this class help build you a butt Kim Kardashian would be envy of...but it also helps strengthen your bum muscles which can help relieve lower back pain, painful knees and improve performance in the gym.

Stretch with Robyn

Feel like your body needs some TLC? Work through a 30 minute session of stretching and mobility work. A great way to compliment your training for the week. Improves muscle suppleness, reduces soreness and increases flexibility.


Our own crossfit style workouts. Work with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to give you maximum effort for your body. Tighten and strengthen your whole body. And with additional core work to really give your workout the edge.

Armstrong Assault

Take your workout to the next level with a full body conditioning class. Think half an hour isnt a lot of time to sweat? Then you ain't seen nothing yet! Scalable workouts from beginners to intermediate. Fully adaptable to injuries and fitness levels.


What our clients say…

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